Monthly Archives: July 2013

Why case studies are effective marketing tools

Yesterday, the Alexander’s marketing team sent me a link to our updated Case Studies page, letting me know that I could use these case study examples as an online marketing tool. This got me thinking about the value of case studies, and what actually makes them an effective marketing and sales tool. I thought I’d…
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Do you engage your competitors through social media?

While it may seem counterintuitive, there is benefit in networking with your direct competitors. I came across an article about printers who create online relationships with their competition. The author, an online marketing director for a printing firm, noted that too often people refuse to follow, tweet at, or engage business competitors in any way,…
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5 tips for improving your website

In the past few months Alexander’s has undergone a website overhaul, with the hope of improving our customer’s online experience. As the marketing and IT teams discuss the desired changes and process of building and editing the site, I’ve been thinking about why so many businesses aren’t using, or optimizing their websites. Unsurprisingly, more than…
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