Monthly Archives: October 2013

Short run t-shirt printing

Meet Our Anajet Garment Printer We’ve added a new print-to-fabric printer to our equipment lineup. The new machine provides full-color printed fabric items that are washable, resistant to fading, and can be made quickly in small or large quantities. We can help you create custom T-shirts, sweatshirts, canvas bags, pillowcases, quilt blocks, or pretty much…
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Does print matter in the digital world? [Infographic]

A few days ago we posted about the effectiveness of print in the today's digital world. Today we'd like to share in infographic from SlideShare that highlights the way in which print and digital marketing can and should complement each other. At Alexander's, we've found that marketing strategies that include a strategic mix of email,…
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Magnetic postcards printing, design and fulfillment

There’s a very cool product called MagneCote we can use with our HP Indigo presses to print magnetic postcards or signs for things like save-the-date announcements, birth announcements, party invitations, business cards and the like. We can print any full-color or black and white design on this special paper, apply UV coating, cut it (just…
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