Monthly Archives: June 2014

5 Ways Facebook is Making You a Better Person

Social media gets criticized for separating society from reality, but socializing online is actually strengthening our offline relationships. A study by Pew Research offered interesting insights into how Facebook is reshaping our society and making our relationships stronger. This information is interesting on a personal level as well as for businesses that are on Facebook.…
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New domain extensions and what that means for marketers

Did you know that there are almost 1,000 domain extensions, or top level domains (TLDs), now available? They range from .academy to .zip and include a host of non-English character options as well. Pretty much anything you can imagine can now be found at the end of a domain name. Which begs the question: Which…
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Why Google Reviews Are So Crucial

Did you know that majority of organic traffic from Google provides the majority of leads to service-based businesses? If you’re a business with a storefront, you want to be sure that your website ranks well with Google because increased search rankings mean more calls, more customers and more revenue. With Google’s search algorithm constantly changing,…
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