Monthly Archives: July 2017

The 10 Most Successful Sticker Marketing Campaigns

The rise of technology has made advertising easier and more affordable than ever. Unfortunately, because of this advantage, we have seen an increase in thoughtless and poorly made advertisements. Companies seem to shout through megaphones at their customers in an attempt to talk over other companies doing the same thing. Reports show that not only…
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How Can I Make My Book Cover Stand Out?

The truth is, we judge all books by their cover. The design of a book helps sell the stellar content inside. Or, it can ensure the book never sells because there's nothing to make it stand out. This goes beyond just design to the other elements used in your cover. So how can you make sure…
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HP Visits Alexander’s Print Advantage

Our facility in Lindon, Utah, recently hosted a Business Development team from HP Inc. so that they could see what our facilities are capable of creating. During their visit, we showed them the very best of our on-site abilities. Ron Sarne, Business Development Manager at HP Inc., said, “Our objective was to learn the strategies…
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