Monthly Archives: February 2018

The Science of Print: Engage with Paper

We don't have anything against digital content like blogs and e-books. You're reading our blog right now! But, as printers, we do believe in the value of print. Paper has a lot of value over digital, which we know will keep it around a lot longer than we think. Here's why you should consider using…
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The Science of Print: Relative Humidity

If you've ever visited Alexander's, you might notice an interesting feature in our printing areas. We keep running humidifiers in these areas. It turns out that paper, like people, needs to breathe. Paper absorbs and loses water equally, meaning that printers have to keep a careful balance of temperature and humidity. This is called relative humidity.…
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Creating Direct Mail Pieces in 2018

With a new year comes new campaigns! But if you're sticking to the same kinds of things you used in 2017, you're bound to see a drop in your response rates. We've got some tips for enhancing your direct mail pieces in 2018. Time to spice up your mailers! Creative Folds A flat postcard risks becoming…
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