Case Studies

Client solution examples


The Challenge

Most companies don’t have the print and fulfillment processes necessary to efficiently automate their output.

The Solution

Alexander's Dentrix case study

As the leading provider of practice management software for dental practices, the electronic services division of Henry Schein Practice Management Solutions has developed software solutions currently in use in approximately 45,000 dental offices nationwide.

Each of these dental practices is heavily invested in taking every measure necessary to make sure patients remember their appointments. Dental offices employ a variety of methods including phone calls, emails and handwritten postcards to help ensure that patients get to their scheduled appointments at the appropriate time.

In some cases, providers are working through automated systems to send email reminders to patients, or to generate text messages to the customer’s mobile phone. In the Dentrix system, if a patient responds to an email reminder, the appointment is automatically confirmed. But if the patient doesn’t have an email address or doesn’t confirm, the Dentrix system works through our Divvy portal to print a custom card and mail it out on behalf of the practice.

This level of automation frees up the staff time that would otherwise be required to handle follow up calls. The software interacts with each patient individually, depending on the methods they respond to the best. If the patient responds to email and mobile phone messages, the system sends an email or text message. If they don’t regularly use these systems, the system will send them a customized, printed postcard.

The partnership between Dentrix and Alexander’s represents significant advances over the typical practice of sending out stock reminder cards. Traditionally, dentists buy stock pre-printed postcards configured four to a page. The colored side is all stock, and the dental staff print the necessary information on the blank side of the card and manually send it out in the mail. Alexander's Divvy solution bypasses all the manual work, automating the practice of patient reminder cards for dental offices and staffs.

Kid to Kid

The Challenge

Kid to Kid case study

Eliminate the time spent taking marketing material orders from individual stores and offer stores the ability to do their own fully customized direct mail campaigns. Also, reduce the need to pre-print and warehouse materials.

Kid to Kid wanted a one-source solution for ordering operational forms, marketing materials and miscellaneous supplies, and providing reports of franchisee orders and activity.

The Solution

Beyond traditional online branding tools, Divvy by Alexander’s provides franchises with a fully customized management console that gives them all the tools they need to help their marketing efforts succeed.

The Web-to-print Divvy platform allows companies to offer marketing collateral and forms to their employees, franchisees and distributors. Product templates can be customized, proofed and ordered directly from the company’s branded portal, providing the franchise outlets with personalized, on-demand products at volume pricing.