Print On Demand

  • The print you want
  • The quantity you want
  • The price you want

If you print it and use less than you print; what happens to the extras? According to national statistics, the extras line the dumpsters of corporate America. Since the dawn of printing it has always been a common thought that the more you print, the less you pay. The result of this case-lot thinking is lots of waste due to non-use for a wide range of reasons. Twenty years ago, high quantity mind set may have been the case, but with the launch of digital printing that theory no longer holds true. Our Print on Demand H.P. Indigo Digital presses are top of the line and able to print like your office copier; however, the Indigo doesn’t make “copies” because it is a printing press, delivering highest professional quality in the industry. The Alexander’s Print On Demand capability is one of the most useful tools available to corporate America today.Call today (800) 574-8666 and let our team of digital printing experts show you why we have been the top choice for digital printing for over 15 years.