About Divvy

What's Divvy?

Divvy is the leading franchise marketing software in the industry.

As a franchise owner, you've worked hard to create and develop your brand. Divvy helps protect it. Our online platform gives your franchisees their own web store full of approved marketing collateral.

Also to maintain consistency, we fulfill and print all orders right from our headquarters. There we can dedicate personal attention to each online order and ensure it meets your standards.

Since 1979, the web store has evolved to allow even more customization and branding. However, the service is still the same.

Here at Alexander's we handle each and every order, from the printing to the shipping. This makes it easy for franchisors and franchisees to get their marketing items efficiently and affordably.

Today the online platform has evolved into more than just a brand management tool. Divvy also offers many other digital marketing tools. Some of these include social media, SEO and more.

Together, Alexanders and Divvy serve customers and clients in more than 75 countries around the world.

What can we offer you?

Web to Print and Webstores:
Using your logo, brand colors, and standards, we’ll build and customize a company webstore for you. This is an online portal where the Divvy team uploads all the marketing collateral you want to make available for franchisees to order.

Brand Protection:
The Divvy online platform helps you preserve and protect your most valuable asset— your brand. We use your logo, designs, brand colors, and standards in every product we create.

Our sites let you monitor franchisees to ensure your brand integrity. Find out when your franchisees do their ordering and which tools they order. Print reports to help you manage various locations.

Social Media Services:
We partner with franchises to consistently deliver branded social media updates. Our platform allows for minimal or maximum involvement from the franchisee. Meaning each franchise owner can either choose to maintain control or sit back and let Divvy leverage the power of social media for them.


Franchise Marketing made easy!


Our franchisees know that we have a reliable partner who delivers high-quality marketing materials to them on-time and for a reasonable price. Divvy is a tremendous partner that we count on.”  - Christian Faulconer, CEO / Franchise Foundry

Working with Divvy has not only helped us cut costs significantly on our printed materials, but it makes order fulfillment much easier and convenient.” - Brock Reese, Sales & Marketing Director / Techna Glass Inc.

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