10 Innovative and Interactive Print Ads

Many people may think of print ads as merely ink on paper--something flat and static. However, these people are missing the potential paper can give them. There's touch marketing, naturally--the use of foil, digital spot varnish, and other textures to engage other senses. But these are not the only innovative technologies you can use in your print ad.

These excellent advertisements use technology, special add-ons, and more, making them more than just a piece of paper. Combining with your cell phone or even giving you the ability to customize what you see, they are as interactive as they are eye-catching.

1) Motorola

Wired and Motorola combined their innovation in this ad celebrating the Moto X's customization. Just by pushing buttons, people could alter the color of the phone.

2) Kontor Records

Seeking the attention of the best creative advertising professionals, Kontor Records sent a vinyl record and a paper turntable in their advertisement. The vinyl record could be played with a smartphone, combining both a vintage feel and top-notch technology.

3) C&A

Social media is one of the best ways to keep customers engaged. But how to translate that to print media in an attractive, consistent way? Fashion retailer C&A created a special ad linked to people's Facebook accounts that let readers Like their favorite outfits.


4) Nivea

NIVEA used a miniature solar panel in their print ad. Since their customers spend the day out in the sun, this solar panel was perfect for charging cell phones at the beach.

5) Sonera

This mobile company showed off its wireless 4G speed by turning their print ad into an iPhone-compatible board game.

6) Peugot

Ad agency Loducca made an actual airbag for this car company's spread. When hit, a miniature balloon inflated from inside the page.

7) Shikun & Binui Solaria

To promote green energy, this ad starts as black and white, but becomes full-color when held up to sunlight.

8) Volkswagen

In Norway, Volkswagen created an ad that let you "test drive" their new model over a three-page spread. The app illustrated three different features: lane assist, adaptive lights, and cruise control.

9) Lladro Lighting

Photos of lamps? Boring in comparison to this ad! This pop-up print ad actually transforms into a lamp! Readers can then prop or mount it in a corner for a little extra light.


10) Reporters Without Borders

Raising awareness on freedom of the press, RWB released interactive photos of authority figures famous for restricting media and the press. The ads included QR codes for your phone, where a video played with close-up mouths of real journalists speaking about this issue.

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