3 Ways to Spark Creativity and Innovation at Work


According to BusinessDictionary.com, Creativity is "the mental and social process used to generate ideas, concepts and associations that lead to the exploitation of new ideas. Or to put it simply: innovation."

People are always searching for unique, creative ways to promote their businesses in order to stand out. If, however, you've felt recently that your business' creativity wells have run dry, consider these 3 ways to spark creativity and innovation at the workplace:

Innovative Individuals

Should you only hire people who claim they are creative? No! Anyone can be creative. The key to sparking that creativity is having individuals bounce ideas off of each other. Remember, up above, BusinessDictionary said creativity is a social process. The mixture of different experiences and backgrounds that individuals bring to the table will naturally lead to unique, creative solutions. As people work together, constructive criticism can recognize the flaws in ideas, and replace them with powerful solutions, allowing creativity to flourish.

Creativity Hubs

Creating shouldn't solely be limited to a meeting once a week where people wrack their brains for new ideas. The best creative ideas will grow from spontaneous conversations between individuals. Consequently, be sure your work environment includes a location where employees can gather to talk, whether in a break room, at a beverage bar, or in a game room where employees can unwind and allow their creative juices to flow. This is a method that large companies like Google, LEGO, and Pixar have used very successfully.

Innovative Inspiration

Staring at a blank wall, charts, or graphs all day can shut down the creative juices in the brain. Creativity must come from somewhere. Help spark creativity with your employees by decorating your work areas with creative solutions. See how  our friends at HireVue and Avalaunch Media have already invested in office decorations that not only look amazing, but foster a creative work environment.

Looking for print solutions as creative as your ideas? We can help you create the innovative environment you need.

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