4 Postcard design and strategy tips

Having trouble with your company's next postcard design for a direct mail campaign? Check out these four tips we have collected from years of experience here at Alexander's.

We receive postcards on birthdays, as invitations to events, or to promote products. Let's be honest, most of them turn out to be quite boring. But how can you separate your company's promotions from the junk pile?

1) Go for the unexpected

This may seem obvious, but you need to be different in order to be recognized. In another post we mention a question we like to ask our customers, "Will this piece be the most obnoxious piece in the mailbox?" Unless your cookie-cutter design is working for you, shake things up a bit and give your postcard design some new imagery. This digital age of apps and smartphones has changed the average consumer to be more visually stimulated. In order to compete, your company needs to have clean, engaging imagery.

One size does not fit all. Did you know you can send almost any sized postcard through the U.S. Postal system? True, it does come with a price so after looking at your budget can you afford an over-sized postcard that will have the greatest visual impact? Or will you spend your budget on a new, beautifully designed, quality product? Either way, go for the unexpected. Separate yours postcard design or size from everyone else. Here we have Divvy with an unexpected pull-away flap on their postcard design.


2) Location, Location, Location

Postcards by nature do not have an ample amount of design real estate, so be strategic about your message. Use the front side of the postcard for eye-catching photos and graphics in order to attract the reader’s attention. The back side should be used for contact info, a location map or further information explaining your offer. After all of your content is printed, your postcard should appear clean and neat without any excess clutter. QR codes can be a clever way to get website information and other content into your postcard without taking up too much space. Be careful you don't oversimplify your design to create unnecessary white space.  Here are 4 Ways to make your direct mail campaign flashy and effective.

3) Make it personal

Business, sales and marketing specialists, all know the importance of using a clients name when doing business with them. Using someone's name is just the beginning. Postcards that contain a brief personal message generate significantly more replies than those that read like a formal ad. Your company is interested in getting in the "A" pile of mail and not the "B" pile of mail, otherwise known as the trash can. Struggling to think of ways to engage old clients and regain trust? Try setting up a "Thank You" postcard automatically sent out after online acquisitions or in-house meetings. This will not only allow you to follow up with the client, but maybe remind your client that you look forward to your next visit with them. This is one postcard design we did for Dentrix to remind their patients of upcoming appointments.


4) Keep it fresh

Think your demographic, those 24 years and younger aren't reading traditional mail? According to the Direct Mail Association's recently published fact book, young adults are some of the most direct mail responsive. It could be that they are holding something in their hand besides a gaming system, smartphone or tablet, or that is somehow makes them feel like an adult. Point is, direct mail is back! By keeping your postcard design fresh and focused on a younger demographic, you will be leveraging one of the biggest swing demographics. Need some ideas on new postcard designs? Build your own collection of postcards from companies that you think really hit the mark and then work with our team at Alexander's.


Postcard design payoff

A postcard design that catches your targeted consumer’s eye and entices them to take action is your ultimate goal. If you are able to achieve this, the payoff will speak for itself.  Using direct mail postcards p
rovides an opportunity to acquire new customers as well as serving as a reminder for those existing customers to purchase from you again. Effective postcard design also has the power to help you capture market share from the competition.

For the stunning experience your company is shooting for, the postcard design should be of the highest quality and follow some of the design and strategy tips we have mentioned. An effective marketing postcard is attractive, clear, direct, and should lead the recipient to take action.

If your business needs help with their postcard design for its next direct mail piece, variable data printing or print consulting, please contact us. We can even mail them for you!

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  1. That's really neat that young people are more attracted to direct mail. That really changes the way one should use colors and fonts on postcards. Thanks for sharing!
  2. Direct mail actually has a better response rate than email. Not only that but with the shift to online there is less competition in the mailbox and a higher chance of success for your business.

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