4 Sticker Design Tips

sticker designThe Power of Good Sticker Design

There are many collateral items out there that businesses can use to send a message or capture attention. The real challenge is knowing when to use what and where and how to use it. One of the more underestimated print items is the sticker. With a good sticker design, you'll have a unique ability to catch attention at a glance and make the sticker owner feel a deeper connection to the brand they are sticking to their snowboard, laptop, desk, wall, etc. Once a brand's logo or message sticks to a personal item, you know you've gained a good space in that consumer's mind.

Tip #1 Contrast

Stickers need to call attention to themselves. Try to design your stickers using high-contrast images. Bright colors and clean designs work best. Make sure your sticker design is easily distinguished.

Tip #2 Dimensions

Stickers come in all shapes and sizes, but make sure to select your sticker size based on the product or item the sticker is intended for. It never hurts to triple-check.

Tip #3 Simplicity

Simplify your sticker design. Stickers generally only have an instant to catch someone's attention. Make sure those that encounter your stickers know exactly what the message is at a glance. Don't leave room for misinterpretation or make it difficult for them to decode what it is you're trying to communicate. Don't use too many colors. Don't use too complex or busy images. Don't, don't, don't.

Tip #4 Uniqueness

Create a unique shape. Rectangles, circles, and stars are all too common for stickers. The brain is attracted to atypical shape patterns and designs. Try something new that fits the message and composition of your design.

If you have an awesome sticker idea you'd like to see printed, or need tips on how to make the most of your print collateral, contact us below.

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