4 Tips for writing great content for your direct mail pieces

At our last Alexander’s Academy event, we hosted a direct mail marketing workshop, offering 52 hints to rock a direct mail campaign. We’d like to break down some of those 52 hints and provide a little more in-depth help for our readers with their direct mail pieces.

Today we’d like focus more on the content of a direct mail piece. No matter what kind of direct mail campaign you’re working on, good content is crucial the success of your mailer. To create good content, keep these 4 elements in mind:

1. Keep your content simple

While print holds people’s attention for much longer than digital media, attention spans are still short. Boil your message down to the most important points, and deliver it with clarity and simplicity. Using the right photos, drawings or other graphics will also help you send concise messages to your reader.

2. Tailor your message

In order to produce effective content you need to know your target audience. If your message doesn’t apply to them, your direct mail piece is wasted. Make sure you’ve done your research, and that you know the recipients of your message are likely to act to help you reach your goals.

3. Have a great offer

You don’t need to break the bank offering coupons or giveaways, but you do need to provide value to your targets so that they wont want to pass up the offer. Whether it’s a coupon, a discount, or merely a great service, your offer should be noteworthy.

4. Show off the benefits

No need to make your content sound boastful. Just make sure your message clearly describes the benefit. Don't use words and images that aren’t relevant or helpful. When it comes down to it, consumers, clients and customers want to know what benefit they’ll receive.

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