5 Tips To Make Sure No One Forgets Your Brand

no one forgets your brandApple, Google, McDonald's, Burger King - who doesn't know these brands? Even if you haven't been in one of their stores for some time, their names still stick somewhere inside your mind. As a business owner, this is what you should be aiming for. An unforgettable brand that grows through word of mouth and needs only minimal marketing fuel to keep alive and burning. Here are five tips to make sure no one forgets your brand.

Go Big

Have you seen the recent Bud Light commercials where they promote an "Up For Whatever" sort of contest? If you win, they basically throw this massive party in your town free of charge. This is an example of going big. Even after the contest is long gone, the press on such a large event stays. Photos of people enjoying these contests and events will be shared across social media platforms thereby pulling interest and hype for the brand. The initial costs of throwing the party are quickly offset by the flood of prospects that visit the website and become repeat buyers. Going big doesn't necessarily mean you have to match these events to such scale. Knowing your financial capacity is important to remain financially solvent.

Create Free Content

Not just any free content, but great and useful content. Customers will likely remember a brand that paved their interest towards a specific product, service, activity, or whatever it is you're selling. Creating free invaluable content might seem like a waste of time since it doesn't immediately reap benefits, but the long-term value definitely makes it a worthwhile undertaking. Simple content include eBooks and how-to types of article. However, you can further expand on your material if you have a specific skill set. For example, you can provide free live video tutorials on forex trading if you're trying to market your signal service or trading platform.

Make Customers Feel Valued

One way to leave a mark is to follow up with your customer base. Don't be just a faceless corporation that they go to for a product or service. Although you may sell a few here and there, establishing a long-term relationship with your customers is key to a successful brand. However, following up with a marketing email that's headlined with a click-baiting title may be a counterproductive way to win the loyalty of your patrons. Instead, send personalized emails that use the recipient's name and offer useful tips or promotions that they can act on. Once you've established the trust and respect of your customer base, it will be easier to send them content that gets clicked and read.forgets your brand

Find the Right Elements to Associate Your Brand With

You need to find an object or person that can manifest your brand. It can be the logo, the brand ambassadors, the costumes, or whatever it is you think will stick to your customers. When customers remember your brand, they don't remember the entire logistics of the company. They don't recall your names, employees, strategies, and whatnot. What immediately pops into their mind is that one object or thing that captured their attention whilst shopping, whether it's the clever font style of your brand name or the cute baby in your logo.

Have Great Online Presence

A mere website set up with your name and logo can only do so much for your business' growth. Great brands know that eCommerce is the marketplace to focus on to capture the majority of today's shoppers. Sure, physical stores still have an impact on your sales, but not as great as your online store. Hire the best web designers and developers alongside great content writers to update your site regularly. This will draw consistent attention and interest into your website both from existing customers and new ones. Be involved with running the site to ensure that all content and updates align with what your brand stands for.keyboard-690066_1280

Each tip tackles different areas of a business, but ultimately intersect to achieve the end goal of building brand awareness. In the end, the effectiveness of these tips will depend on how you, the business owner, executes it. Take the time and effort to progress from one tip to the next as hastily doing all things at once can lead to sub-par results.

Jessica Kane is a professional writer who has an interest in graphic design, marketing, and printing. She currently writes for 777 Sign, a wholesale trade printing company that prints banner signs, custom flags and custom signs printing.


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