Alexander’s I-Cut Machine

Die Cut MachineDon't be scared by the name "i-cut machine," it's actually pretty safe when it comes to precisely cutting a print project. Our i-cut machine is one of the many tools that makes Alexander's Print Advantage exceptional. Why? When a customer has a vision, they only needed one source to make it!

A i-cut machine makes things easier

Ever wanted to create something but didn't know how in the world you would cut it? When we print out a sheet of post cards, posters, even wood or foam prints, we use the i-cut to slice and dice them. That means no matter the dimensions, our machine can make precise cuts for something as big as 5' x 10' or as small as confetti. We've made projects for Franklin Covey, TCBY, trade-show booths even stand-up displays. It's pretty much our do-everything slicer that takes cutting to a whole new level.

Die Cut Machine

The precision is fascinating

You might be asking yourself, how does the machine know where to cut? The dots of course! Each project we place under the blade of the i-cut machine is covered in black circles that direct the machine where to go. First, the computer finds a corner dot with the help of an employee. Then, since the other marks are always in the same spot, the machine scans the rest of the project with a light, searching and finding the remaining key indicating circles.

die cut machine

See all those pink lines? That is part of the design process. We can help design your project and decide exactly where we want those cuts to ensure an excellent final project. Can you imagine going at that with scissors?

If the pictures weren't interesting enough...

Guess what, we've got just the thing for a visual learner. A video! While you're watching, be thinking of what project you could see yourself doing. After all, we've got the tools, so all you need is an idea and we can take care of the rest. Give us a call at 801-224-8666.

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