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Every business must have a mission statement. Mission statements help businesses define their goals and objectives. They give them direction; without one, a business will quickly lose its way.

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We help businesses complete their mission by creating a constitution; a document that will serve as a constant reminder of the business' goals, values and desires.

Printing a mission statement is a valuable resource for managers. It is a quick reference guide to help them communicate the business' goals to employees, and when the entire business is working toward the same goal, great things start to happen.

When Adobe approached us about printing their mission statement, we suggested using a unique substrate that would make an impression.

adobe-metallic-004 adobe-metallic-002

What sends a stronger message than printing your mission statement on paper? Printing on metal. The lightweight, UV coated aluminum sheet was the perfect substrate for Adobe's latest edition of their mission statement.

The metal texture appears to reinforce the strong message it carries, and UV coating ensures the image quality and prevents scratch marks and finger prints.

We are proud to have these hanging in Adobe offices across the country because we want our customers to reach their goals. Let us help you accomplish yours. Contact us to find out what Alexander's can do for you.

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