Why your business blog needs to be funny


“A sense of humor is part of the art of leadership, of getting along with people, of getting things done.” – Dwight D. Eisenhower

You’re a content creator, a personal blogger or a copy writer. You need to spice up your content. Yeah? You and what army?

Just kidding, that didn’t make any sense. The point is, mixing things up a bit can help reactivate followers and create sharable content for new followers. We’ve got some tips here to help you out.

Take something familiar, give it a slight twit

Wait, twist. Give it a twist. Set people up with something they can really relate to and then change it at the last minute. Maybe tell them a poem with an ending they wouldn’t expect, like, “Roses are grey. Violets are grey. I am a dog.”

Be sarcastic, like this:


In the movie Elf, Buddy rushes in to what looks like a typical coffee stop in NYC. He exclaims his congratulations for the "World's best cup of coffee." Obviously its not the best cup of coffee in the world. We know that and so will your customers. Be funny in your writing by being sarcastic or over-the-top. Don't do something ridiculous like claim notoriety for an existing award unless you actually deserve it. Things like "Our food will make your mouth water" or "Waking you up every morning since 1982".

Speaking of which, have you heard about SarcMarks? They’re a punctuation mark for sarcasm. Sounds so… awesome. (You’re probably wondering if that was written sarcastically or not. Guess we should have used a SarcMarc!)

Be unexpectedable-ish

Trick people’s psyches by getting them into something they think they understand, and then right when they don’t expect it, throw them for a loop. They’ll remember you.

For example, you might start explaining to them how they can be unexpectedable-ish, when all of the sudden you’re standing right behind them breathing down their necks with a Nerf gun in your hand. Literally.

Look behind you


Just kidding, we’re not behind you right now. Yet.

Keep up with the tymes #lol #wut #behindthetymes

Go ahead and follow your 14-year-old on Twitter. She’s going to be using all the inside jokes and spreading all the memes the internet has to offer. She’s your number one source for the funny stuff. Don’t let her out of your sights. For parenting reasons of course, but also because you need to be on your humoristic A-game when you’re blogging.

Use memes

Everyone loves memes: a photo with a clever caption that tickles the funny bone. Figure out which one your audience understands and use them to your advantage. They’ll be laughing like this:


Side note: Memes have meanings and histories behind them. Sometimes what you think they mean is totally NOT what it means and it can turn into a big mess when you accidentally call someone a racist. Make sure you know your meme before you use it.

Tell them the exact thing in the most exact-exactness

Being too general isn’t funny. Tell them exactly what happened and where and how. For example, right before you wrote your blog post you just tripped and fell into the punch bowl at lunch and your keyboard is, and will be, sugary-sticky for at least a few more days.

Did that help? We hope so, because nothing is worse than a dry bog.


Wait, blog. Dry blog.

Comment below with your favorite funny blogs, or just tell us a joke to make us laugh.

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