Butterflies turn into stunning personalized thank you cards

We are so grateful to Anne Lambert who has given us permission to share her story.

personalized thank you cards

It starts in the beautiful St. George, Utah, where our friend Anne decided to take a Chinese watercolor class to pass the time. The class taught techniques on the ancient art form and she happened to like it. It wasn’t long before Anne was getting requests for copies of her beautiful artwork from families and friends.

personalized thank you cardspersonalized thank you cards

She had lots of paintings, but wasn't sure how to share them. You see, each butterfly is hand painted on very fragile rice paper.

So Anne reached out to our CEO, Jeff Alexander, who is a friend of hers, for help. They worked together on making her paintings into greeting cards that she could use to send to family and friends on different occasions.

personalized thank you cards

Our pre-press team scanned her original images, cleaned them up and put each into a layout for printing.

personalized thank you cardsThe images were printed, cut and folded by our production team shortly thereafter. The result was breath taking! The colors on the cards were clear and vivid, looking just like the originals, but captured in a new, shareable format.

personalized thank you cards

One interesting twist in the process was this photo of the large red butterfly seen above (center). Anne had always regarded it as a throwaway painting, as, according to her, it had the most mistakes and cosmetic flaws in it of all of them. She was surprised to find that it was the favorite of all of the paintings she made. Well, we not only got to print the beautiful piece, but we learned a valuable life lesson at the same time!

We loved printing this project, as it reminded us that we all have a talent inside us that we need to work on.


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