Custom Event Backdrops for Any Occasion


Tired of catching photobombers in the backgrounds of your special photos? Or worse, are you taking pictures against bland walls and chain link fences?

Whether you are decorating for your next company party, red carpet event, prom, wedding, or family reunion, consider investing in an Event Backdrop.

At Alexander's, our event backdrops can be made from a variety of materials. Whether vinyl banners or foam core cutouts, we can find a material and size that works best for your next event.


We've used custom event backdrops for our Customer Celebrations to create an inviting atmosphere (and perhaps cover some dull cinder block walls). In the above picture on the left, we used a vinyl backdrop that displays many of the services Alexander's provides.On the right, we used a custom graphic design printed on foam core that we installed along the back wall, behind the refreshment table to make the celebration festive and fun.

Backdrops are great for photo shoots and red carpet events. Design your backdrop exactly as you want it, or contact us and we'll help you find a professional design that works best for you. Backdrops can range from high quality photos, to graphic design, to a wallpapered logo (also known as a "step and click" backdrop).


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