Digital Print Myths Debunked!

There are a number of digital print myths that are just that... myths. We have gathered the most commonly misunderstood myths and DEBUNKED them. Learn more here:

1. Poor Quality.

This is the start of the most common digital print myths. Digital printing does not produce poor quality pieces and it is NOT a color copy. It, in fact, is a press print - just like the traditional offset printing presses that are still around today. Our quality cannot be beat at Alexander's. We use the best digital printing press there is: the HP Indigo. Click here for more information on the industry's finest digital press.

2. Way Too Expensive.

Digital printing has allowed for printing costs to remain low. It eliminates storage and inventory costs and is faster than traditional offset printing. With a short turnaround time and the option to buy only what you need (a concept we refer to as Print-On-Demand), you can save money buying exactly how many brochures, fliers, etc you need and avoid throwing out the money you spent on what you don't.

3. Harmful to the Environment.

That brings us to the next of the digital print myths. With our Print-On-Demand feature you can reduce how much money you spend on what you don't need and reduce how much paper you throw away. There is no need to buy more to save costs with digital printing, which means there is no need to throw away unused boxes of now-dated collateral.

4. Limited Options.

It is true that there were limited options for stock to print on before digital printing technology improved. Now, however, you can digitally print on any kind of paper stock, whether it be thick, thin, synthetic, recycled, smooth or textured. You name it, we can print on it.

5. Poor Coloring.

This is one of the digital print myths that frankly makes no sense. Our HP Indigo prints using the 4 color process and the 3 pantone colors. Plus, you don't have to worry about the ink aging with digital print. All around, digital printing has undeniably excellent coloring.

6. Can't Be Personalized.

Digital printing offers the option for variable data printing. Variable data gives you the power to personalize your printed materials. Sending out a newsletter? Personally address each customer with their name, address, city, codes, etc. Personalize your printed piece any way you want. The return-on-investment (ROI) is likely to increase by by 50 percent.

How do I know if I should use Digital Print or Offset Print?

There are pros and cons to both digital printing and offset printing. Consider these questions to determine which press you should use:

  1. How fast do you need the printed pieces?

  2. How many pieces do you need?

  3. What kind of paper do you want to print on?

  4. Would your piece benefit from variable data printing?

  5. What's the size of the printed piece?

Do you have questions about digital printing? Are you interested in using Alexander's for your next printed project? Call our office at 801-224-8666 or fill out the contact form below. We would love to answer any questions or help you with your business's printing needs.

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