Finding the right price in a product

It has taken me a while to learn that there are questions to be asked when someone gives you a price for a product. I’d like to share an experience that illustrates a lesson I learned about pricing.

Many years ago my fiancé and I were picking out wedding rings. We went to a reputable jeweler and selected the rings we wanted. The salesman seemed to really know his stuff. He gave us a price and we gave him a down payment. We were happy with the product, pricing and service that we received. A week later, I happened to be walking through the mall and stopped in at a different jeweler to just “take a peek” at what they had. I saw the exact men’s wedding band that we had picked out the week before, but it was priced about $80 cheaper than we had paid at the other jeweler. I was upset because I thought that I had been ripped off.

I went back to the first establishment and found my salesman. I told him about the other ring and asked him why I was paying more. The salesman told me that he knew that they had the same design at the other place. He went on to tell me their ring was a different weight and contained less gold. He pulled out the ring I had selected, placed it on the scale and showed me the weight. He then showed me the inside of the ring that showed the gold content. He told me that he could order that exact ring from the other store at the same price if I wanted it, but that I would be happier with the higher quality ring I had originally selected in the long run. I went back to the mall jeweler and asked him to weigh his ring and show me the gold content. It did weigh less and did have less gold. I felt like an idiot. The salesman offering me the better price was also offering me an inferior product.

In this world, it is easy to get caught up in the pricing game. I know that price is important, but you need to make sure to take into account that not all products are equal. You have to consider what comes with the “price” of a product. When choosing between printing companies, you have to weigh the value of the materials, the quality of the printing, the value of the service offered and the overall future satisfaction you are expecting from your purchase. You also have to know if your printer will stand behind their work.

The primary mission of Alexander’s is to help people succeed, so when we consider product pricing we look for the best way to provide value to our customers. Whether you are looking for printing, marketing or technology services we can promise top quality and great value. Contact us today for pricing on a project, or to ask questions about our products and services. We’re here to help.

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