Fun with magnet printing: U.S. map

Have you ever thought about how many applications there are for printed magnets? Pretty much anything you can think of can be printed on magnetic sheets then cut out to make some pretty creative solutions.

U.S. magnet mapHow about learning U.S. geography with these fun state magnets? Help your kids learn U.S. geography and give them something fun to do with this U.S. magnet map. Just think about the fun learning applications these could have for youngsters and adults alike.

Similar applications could combine your creativity and magnets to learning letters, numbers, names of objects, associating photos with names and many other fun and creative lessons.

You could use magnetic sheets to make puzzle games. They can be used as decoration and add color to any metallic surface.

U.S. magnet mapHelp keep things organized with a magnetic calendar or dry-erase board. There are endless applications for printed magnets. All it takes is some creativity.

For example, check out these magnetic invitations and save-the-date cards we wrote about earlier [link].

The real genius in custom magnets is that they’re so convenient—they attach to any metallic surface. They are as helpful as they are fun.

At Alexander’s we can help you design your custom magnets then ship them directly to you. If you’d like to discuss a printed magnet project, please contact us.

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