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The packaging of your product is a make or break moment for your consumers. It really is that important. Why? The product packaging gives the first impression of the product, regardless of its purpose. Packaging ultimately determines whether or not each individual consumer will purchase your product. The packaging needs to be unique, eye-catching, and impressive. There are too many products out there similar to yours! Your product needs to stand out from all the rest.

If you're having a hard time coming up with a distinct packaging idea, look no more. Follow these tips and make note of these awesome examples. It is sure to get your brain thinking creatively!

Give a Sneak Peek.

Look at how the company below decided to give their consumers a sneak peak of their product. Pasta is fun and shapely product, and this product packaging show just how fun it can be.

If your product isn't as fun as pasta, get back to basics like this meat company does below! The packaging shows the shape of the animal that the meat came from - it has similar packaging for chicken and cow -  AND it gives a sneak peek of how the meat looks.

Break the Mold.

Talk about thinking outside of the box! This honey-making company decided that the bear-shaped bottle was overdone. So what did they do instead? Honeycomb-shaped jars to demonstrate the purity and origin of their product. Smart!

The Little Details.

The packaging needs to support the product. Look at the example below. The product is dark chocolate and it's simple and modern design supports the contents inside. This kind of wrapper would look weird on a Hershey's bar since Hershey's chocolate is aimed towards children.

This soap London-based company decided to take on a new style for soap. Each of the soap wrappers exemplify black and white intricate designs, which catch the eye of their target audience: women with style.

Stick to Your Roots.

Sometimes it's better to remember where your product comes from. This Trident gum packaging idea shows where the product goes and what exactly the product looks like.

Yarn and wool are often associated with sheep, and the company below knew that exactly. What better creative and useful way to package their product?!

Get Creative.

It's true: rope does not grow beards... but who is the target audience for rope? Men... and men grow beards! This is a smart and useful way to package their product while still targeting their specific audience.

Have you thought of some creative ideas yet? Whether you have or haven't, call us to help you! We help our clients from brainstorming and creation to production and fulfillment. Our office number is 801-224-8666. Talk to you soon!

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