How Print Can Coexist with Generation Y [white paper]

How Print Can Coexist with Generation Y [white paper]

Too often we assume that the young adults of our world (Generation Y, also referred to as Millenials) only engage with digital media. This group of people, generally classified as those born between 1977 and 1995, actually do engage well with print media, but in a different way than past generations. The trick with Gen Y is knowing how to strategically offer print and digital media to grab their attention.

Young adults today are constantly plugged in. Whether it's an iPhone, tablet, notebook computer or some other digital device, they get a pretty constant flow of information from the digital world. Yet, the most effective way to engage them isn't always through digital media. In our experience at at Alexander's, with the right market research and good messaging, printed marketing materials that have good images and graphics, with modern design, are more effective at eliciting a response than email campaigns or other digital-only solutions. Print is more unusual today than in days past. Well-designed printed collateral materials can make a huge impression that lasts much longer than digital media.

We'd like to share a white paper - How Print Can Coexist with Generation Y  - that offers some tips and advice for utilizing both print and digital media in marketing campaigns, especially when targeting younger generations. The world of media and communication is morphing quickly. Those marketers that utilize print and digital offerings creatively will find greater success than those who choose to ignore print media.
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