The Indie Author’s Guide to Offline Book Marketing

The indie author's guide to offline book marketing

Last week, we discussed ways independent or self-published authors could market a book online. Now, we're taking a look at several great offline book marketing tactics.

Use an Eye-Catching Cover

Just like with online marketing, for offline marketing, it's imperative to have an eye-catching, professionally designed cover. Otherwise, if the cover looks cobbled together, readers will assume the story within has been cobbled together as well. See tips for designing a great cover here.

Not design savvy? Hire a professional designer. If you're worried about cost, save money while writing and editing your book. Remember, this isn't a waste of money, its a wise investment.

Advertise Previous Books Within Each Publication

You've seen them in the books you've read, either tucked into the front of the book as a short list, or added to the back of the book with an image and small advertisement - additional books by the author. What better place to spread the word about your books than within the books themselves? Readers who love your work can then easily find more of your stuff.


Bookmarks are the business cards of the author world. On them, you can include information for your website and social media so that readers can easily find you and your books! Learn about additional book marketing materials here.

Signings and Events

Promoting your book through signings and events gives authors a great opportunity to interact with readers, as well as meet and make more fans. Learn more about hosting a book signing here.

Remember, autographed books sell better than the unsigned version! Signing a store's stock selection can help those books sell better and faster!

Remember Each Book!

Whether this is your first book or your fourth, it's imperative to keep marketing each and every book so that readers get the chance to learn more about your work. You don't necessarily need to sell old books during a new book launch (let each book have it's special day!) but remember to mention each on social media when appropriate.

Need Some Help?

Here at Alexander's, we love to help budding Indie Authors create great products. If you're looking for a printer to self publish with, we can help by providing you advice on cover design, paper type, and even the type of book cover so that you can create a quality product that meets your needs and budget.

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