New Binding Machines Unveiled

Alexander's moves forward with automation to improve both our business and yours. And every so often, that means unveiling new machines designed to streamline our processes. At the end of September, we acquired a new Horizon Perfect Binder and a Mitabook and Mitacase.

These together will greatly improve our binding processes for many of the books we produce here at Alexander's. And we're thrilled to share this new technology with you!

New Perfect Binder

Perfect binding refers to how most paperback books are bound. A laminated paper cover folds around the spine and pages of a text block, with the glue placed only between the pages and spine. Pick up any paperback fiction book at the store and it will probably have perfect binding.

Our new Horizon Perfect Binder BQ-480 works in conjunction with our existing Horizon perfect binder. Though it operates the same from the page feed in, this new machine uses updated software for improved automation. Because it uses more automated techniques, it is self-adjusting, saving our employees time

It also has the potential to bind over 1000 books per hour. For our partners in publishing, that means getting their completed books quickly. They'll have a much easier time getting their books ready for a launch or a promotion.

New Case Binders

Case binding is how we create hardbound books like our wedding books and our MyCanvas products. It refers to thin boards with paper clamped and glued around it to create a front, back, and spine. Then, like with perfect binding, the text block glues in at the spine.

We used to create all of our case bound books by hand. This meant laying out a laminated cover, lining up the board just right, and clamping each side down with rigorous tests to make sure each was straight. Then, our employees had to place the text block inside manually--again taking time to ensure it was straight.

Now, though, our Mitabook and Mitacase machines do it all in a handful of easy steps! Our Mitacase creates the hardbound case in any size up to a 12"x12" book. Our machine can do any cover type--a laminated paper cover, leather, linen, and Nuba.

The Mitabook, our second machine in the case binding process, places the text block inside the cover. It automatically glues it down before depositing a finished book.

Combined, these machines can create 300 books per hour. During wedding and holiday seasons, this makes not only our job easier, but your wait shorter until you can get your hands on a custom book!


With Alexander's automation, you get the same quality--but faster. We automate and look for new ways to move forward, because we succeed when you do!

Curious about what our new machines can do for you? Contact us today to learn more about our binders and other technology on our Lindon, Utah site.

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