Nike’s Recipe for Viral Video Marketing

In the marketing world, viral video marketing has become a buzzword. Increasingly, marketers implement video into their marketing mix, hoping that this engaging form of visual storytelling will take off, exposing their brand to millions of potential clients.

While print and other forms of media still have a place in the marketing world, video is undoubtedly the forerunner for digital marketers, producing better engagement and interaction from target audiences than almost any other form of content.

However, there isn’t really a recipe for creating a viral video. Virility depends on many factors, even including luck. But even if there was enough luck for every marketer to tap-in to, most businesses lack the resources to produce high-quality video. Sadly, even with billions of creative and well-produced videos on the web, most videos never go viral.

But all is not lost. We think Nike’s The Last Game video, released last month for the World Cup, includes four unique elements that are guaranteed to impress online audiences. Feel free to try these strategies when you make a marketing video. We can’t promise your video will go viral, but we think you will increase your online engagement.

Watch the video here, and read the following tips to make your own stellar video.

4 Key Elements to Viral Video Marketing

1. Start your video like a movie

There’s a reason every major motion picture begins with opening credits and the title of the movie - it calls the audience to attention. Nike understood that starting with a spiced up version of their logo and the video title gave their audience a teaser as to what would be happening in the video.

2. Tell a story

When making a video, cast your product or service as the star. In Nike’s video, it was Nike shoes and clothing that gave the athletes confidence to play at their full potential. Create a story around your product or service solving someone’s problem, and let that compelling story sell the product for you.

3. Send a message of value

Flaunt the value your business, product or service brings to your audience. Nike achieved this by comparing the hero’s motto “risk everything” against the villain's “risk nothing” mentality. The point of the video where the hero decides to risk everything is when they put on their Nike shoes, driving home the message that Nike is for the bold. No matter what you do or sell, let your audience know what they can expect on a personal level when they use your business.

4. Don’t sell anything

The call to action throughout the video isn’t “buy our products,” it’s “risk everything.” The message combined with the story compels, rather than asks, the viewer to buy the products. After you’ve told a story and delivered your value proposition, end your video with a link to your website. If you’ve done it right, by the end of the video your audience will really want to have what you can give them.

If you could use some help creating video content for your business, contact us. We’d love to help you strategize, storyboard and execute a plan.

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