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Need to print a completely customized sketchbook? Alexander's Print Advantage is here to help!

After printing custom business cards for Kimberly Kay and A. N. Gephart, Kimberly came back to us with a request: designing a completely customized sketchbook.

Custom Sketchbook Sizes

With Enchanted Kingdom: A Fairy-Tale Coloring Book coming out in just two weeks, the illustrator was eager to get started on a potential sequel. Finding a sketchbook of the correct proportions proved to be tricky, however, since stores don't commonly sell sketchbooks that are 12" X 20" - a proportion that Kimberly needed to plan out coloring book spreads. However, at Alexander's we can custom cut and bind pages down to exactly the proportion you need them.

Custom Sketchbook Printing

Additionally, Kimberly was hoping to print guidelines on each page of the sketchbook so that she wouldn't have to spend valuable time measuring and marking each page. Kimberly's specifications might have stumped another printer, but not Alexander's! With our Indigo 10,000, we knew we could meet her needs, printing the size she specified.

Custom Sketchbook Binding and Paper Quality

Printing at Alexander's also gave Kimberly the opportunity to choose her preferred type of binding, paper quality, and page amount. Her chosen wire-o binding will mean she can easily lie her sketchbook flat while drawing. The durable, thick paper she selected will protect her artwork from dings and bends, and selecting 50 pages means Kimberly will only need one sketchbook to complete 40 spreads - that's an entire adult coloring book!

Printing Custom Sketchbook Covers

And the best part? Because Alexander's can print completely customized sketchbooks, Kimberly herself designed the covers. Her choice in selecting pages from Enchanted Kingdom means that, wherever she goes, her sketchbook itself advertises her coloring books.

Printing Small Amounts of Custom Sketchbooks

Most printing companies would require you to print hundreds of any given product, but at Alexander's, you can print the amount you need, when you need it, whether you need one, two, two hundred, or a thousand.

Interesting in designing and printing your own customized sketchbook? Contact us today to get started!

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