Are you skimping on your internal signage?

When thinking of signage, we often go straight to advertisements, billboards, flyers, storefront signs and so forth. We think of them because it’s most important to our bottom line to get customers through the door… right?

Equally as important as sales and advertising are operations and human resources. If you don’t have a smooth-running company with happy employees, costs will skyrocket and production will stop.

Internal signage is a great way to keep your operations smooth and employees happy. We’ve assembled some examples of signs you can use in your workplace that can help your company and the internal employee culture thrive.

Custom hazard/warning signs

After having all required OSHA signage for your operation, it is a great idea to invest in custom signage specific to your business. This could be warnings about machines, steps or ledges, low clearance spots or general awareness signs like the one we have below. Employee injuries from lack of signage can turn into a huge lawsuit, costing a company thousands and thousands of dollars.

Internal operations signs

Giving plenty of instruction to new hires and then keeping those instructions constantly visible thereafter will help operations flow smoothly on a daily basis. Check out some of our practices for this. When employees don’t understand their jobs, they tend to be less efficient, constantly asking for help and frequently making mistakes. It can also be very frustrating to them internal signage would become an easy they’re just not being informed on how to do it correctly.

Departmental Signs

Organize your space by clearly labeling each of your departments, By making it clear to new hires, visitors and employees where things are located, your business will save precious time.

Internal branding signs

Keep a consistent brand image around your workplace with signage that reminds employees about your mission and values. This can help with motivation and unity among coworkers, leading to more efficiency.

We love helping companies with their internal and external communications needs to help them fulfill their full potential. Contact us about custom signage we can make for you.

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