Twitter analytics are now available to the common people

Web analytics make the online marketing world go round. The Internet’s constant production of data enables marketers to see where you’re going on their website or Facebook page and how you’re engaging their content. Google analytics has been open to those who run websites, Facebook analytics serves page admins, and Twitter analytics have traditionally served advertisers on Twitter. Just recently, Twitter made those analytics available to any Twitter user.

What Twitter analytics means for you as a marketer

You no longer have to be a Twitter business customer building an ad following to see how your content is being engaged. You just have to be a Twitter user. You can now directly look at your Twitter engagement all the way back to the moment you first hatched in the Twittersphere.

Since you no longer need a third-party service to see how your tweets have performed, this is your opportunity to take a look at your tweeting history and reevaluate your strategy. For a brand, these analytics can teach you a lot. For an individual, this can either be a nice time to boost your ego or to rethink how you speak 140 characters at a time.

The details of who is retweeting, who is following/unfollowing and who is favoriting your content are not currently available through the analytics page. We know that Twitter provides the data through your Twitter profile. Hopefully they’ll find a good way to integrate that data with the analytics page as individuals and marketers make appropriate use of these analytics. Keep an eye on this.

If you’re looking to take your business further into the digital marketing world, let us know. We’d love to help you with any communications needs you may have.

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