Why Choose Digital Printing?

Alexander's brings you top-tier products and service through our digital printing solutions. But why should you go with Alexander's digital press printing?

Digital vs. Offset Printing: The Differences

Digital press printing does not use plates like offset printing does. Instead it uses toner or liquid ink. The ink is digitally applied instead of rolled on. Offset printing instead uses plates to transfer an image onto a rubber roll that is then pressed onto a sheet of paper.

It's Fast and Easy

Because Alexander's creates most of our products on-site—including design, printing, and shipping—our services are fast, often batching one day and shipping the next.

That also means less room for error. Fewer stops on the road to receiving your product means fewer chances that steps get skipped—keeping you happy with your final result.

Your Products Will Be High-Quality

Quality used to be reserved for expensive offset printers. Only large companies could afford the costs of offset printing. This made it difficult for small companies and individual purchasers to buy products for their storefronts or marketing needs.

However, digital printing requires no setup fees and no plates. Plus, it takes a trained eye to tell which of an identical pair of cards was printed on a digital press versus offset. So you can feel good about the quality of your printed products and about the price.

Digital is Cost-Effective for Small Runs

Because digital printing doesn't require plates and additional setup fees to make your costs skyrocket, you can choose to print one book or 250 wedding invitations. Your wallet won't hurt just because you aren't printing thousands of unnecessary products.

You Can Easily Add Foil or Variable Data

With digital press printing, you can easily use variable data printing. Change names, addresses, or numbers for personalized offers or invitations easily, and without using a plate or die for each. Imagine how much more expensive that would be!

You can also use our digital foil and spot varnish to finish your products and really make them stand out.

Interested in Digital Printing?

If you're intrigued by these benefits and want to know if digital print is right for you, contact us today! We're happy to meet your needs, and help you and your business succeed.


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