Why you should be presorting your mail campaigns

Too many marketers and businesses spend too much money on mail campaigns because they’re unfamiliar with the process of presorting. Presorting can save you time and money when you’re sending out mass mailers. Today we'd like to help you determine if you’re mail campaign qualifies for presorting, and how you can complete the process.

So what is presorting? When a company has a mailing of over 1000 pieces, that mailing can be sent to the post office, already sorted in a manner that can save the post office valuable time and steps in the processing. This allows the post office to save money and move the mailing quickly to the appropriate locations.

Your mail pieces must meet certain requirements to qualify for presorting. Qualifiers include concentration of multiple pieces within a five-digit or three-digit zip code area, standardization of the piece and the weight of the piece. However, going through this presorting process yourself is probably not worth your money if you have to figure out appropriate dimensions, quantities and restrictions each time you design, print and sent out mail campaigns.

By using a service to assist with your mailing, you won’t need to invest in expensive software or equipment to take advantage of presorting discounts. We suggest using a commercial printer, like Alexander’s, to help with your mailings. If you can involve your printer early on, prior to deciding on the final design of your mail piece, your printer can save you more money by guiding you according to proper dimensions and design elements. When you use presorting services through your printer, your mailing information can be directly printed onto your mailer, and sorted without you ever having to worry about it. Not only will presorting save you money on mailing costs, but it can also help streamline the entire direct mail process as well.

If you have a mailing that might qualify for presort postage discounts, contact us today. We’d love to help.

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