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UVU Pillow T-Shirt Boxes

Alexander's Print Advantage creates marketing collateral for a lot of well-known companies. But did you know we also create sports-related print for universities? Utah Valley University, a local university, is one of our clients, and we love printing for them! They needed a way to package T-shirts. As always, Alexander's is up to the task--and…
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Planning My Perfect Wedding

I first knew I was in love with my future husband when he was 6,179 miles away. To be honest it was not the best timing. Fortunately for me, that distance quickly shortened and five months later we were engaged and counting down the days to our¬†wedding. Flash forward eight months, 400 invitations, and one…
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The 10 Most Successful Sticker Marketing Campaigns

The rise of technology has made advertising easier and more affordable than ever. Unfortunately, because of this advantage, we have seen an increase in thoughtless and poorly made advertisements. Companies seem to shout through megaphones at their customers in an attempt to talk over other companies doing the same thing. Reports show that not only…
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