Marketing Kit Guide

The Definitive Guide to Running an Effective Marketing Kit Campaign

Learn how to:

  • Clarify objectives
  • Define the target audience
  • Determine the pieces
  • Design the creative pieces
  • Produce & source the pieces
  • Follow-up effectively
  • Measure ROI
  • And more!

When a web form just won't do the trick it's time to think outside the screen. There's no better way to get a prospect's attention than a customized marketing kit. This guide will show you how to deliver a campaign that delivers results.

"A well thought out marketing kit is something that makes the customer curious, excited to interact with it, and want to learn more. At Franklin Covey we found print marketing kits (and we've done hundreds!) to be among the most effective tools in connecting with our customers and partners.

Alexander's has been our go to partner because they know what works, how to produce it, and deliver results time and time again."

Scott Miller
Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer
Franklin Covey