Digital Foil & Varnish

Don’t just print beautiful products—finish them with digital foil and varnish enhancements. Textured and eye-catching products makes your marketing effective. Plus, you won’t have to wait extra time or sacrifice quality with digital printing. Make your products shine with our colored foil or with a subtler, enticing varnish finish.


Creating unique and exciting event signage can be a difficult task ... but not for Alexander's! With our MGI JETVarnish and iFoil press, elevating your event with eye-catching signage is easy.

Our MGI can bring your logos, business cards, and other marketing materials to life. Strongly related to impulse purchasing, increased confidence and affective response, varnished and foiled effects release the power and influence of touch marketing.

Textures can make potential consumers handle your card longer or return to touch it, which will strengthen the psychological link between them and the card. Using touch marketing can increase confidence as well—helping to build trust in your business and services. Plus, varnish and foil capitalize on human interest in shiny things and creates visually captivating masterpieces.

Is foil too good to be true? With as high-quality as great foil looks, it must be expensive and slow, right? Actually, because Alexander's uses digital technology, printing foil and spot varnish is neither.

Not only is digital foil high quality—digital is often better than regular foil. Technology has improved to make modern digital foil and varnish printing at least as good as other methods.

Our digital foil machines are capable of printing on sheets with dimensions as large as 20" x 29", which means you can print large quantities faster than ever. Thanks to digital, we can also easily do thin, delicate lettering. This makes personalization extra-special, or can make a book cover stand out.

Spot varnish is a coat of clear ink that adds texture and/or shine to focused parts of the page. Just like foil, the extra shine encourages touch the piece, increasing impulse buying and trust.

Varnish emphasizes important details on an image, adds a three-dimensional effect, and can even be added to improve certain colors in an image. Subtle and very flexible, spot varnish is the perfect way to help your print marketing collateral stand out.

Are you ready to enhance your printed collateral with our MGI press? Contact us today!