Automated Print

Let Alexander’s handle your direct mail and postcards. Our many satisfied clients and case studies prove how easily Alexander’s creates promotions, reminders, and “thank you” cards for your customers. We white-label to match your business and drop-ship your mail to take the hassle out of good customer service.


Alexander’s makes it easy to show your clients how much you appreciate their business with reminders, promotions, and thank you cards. Thousands of clients still prefer print mail and reminders—including millennials! By automating the direct mail process, your clients will no longer miss marketing opportunities that could cost you in the long run, like missed appointments or promotions.

Unlike other web to print services, Alexander’s creates most of our products on-site. That includes design, printing, and shipping. Our services are fast—batching one day and shipping the next. Plus, because we work on-site with our printed products rather than outsourcing them, we have less room for error. Fewer stops on the road to receiving your product means fewer chances that steps get skipped—keeping you happy with your final result.

You won’t even have to sends us reminders if your databases are connected to ours. Our automated service sends out any postcard or direct mail pieces for you. They can send every time your database detects an invoice going out, or a specific time interval has passed after the invoice—such as six months after a dental visit.

Our clients’ patients and customers receive personalized, full-color reminders, thank-you cards, and even birthday cards through our automated service. The perks of this service include:
• Personalized, automated printing and fulfillment for up to 12,000 postcards daily
• Intuitive software for optimal customer responses
• Real time automation and tracking
• Reduction in staff costs

See what real time direct mail automation and tracking can do for your business today!