Saving Kid’s Art One Book at a Time


If you have kids you probably know what it's like to plaster the fridge with their drawings. Or decorate Christmas trees with hand made ornaments of paper mache and glitter. There is also a good chance you have a stockpile of their artistic masterpieces in some hidden corner of your closet.

Imagine simply taking all those class projects, crayon drawings, and water colored flowers, and consolidating them into one place that doesn't clutter the house.

If that sounds ideal, let us introduce you to Artkive.

Art Meets Book

kid art booksWho is Artkive?

An online company that has made saving your children's art a million times easier. You send it, they preserve it.

What does Artkive do?

They take professional grade photographs of  kids artwork and then digitize them. Parents have online access to their children's work at any time. Once the pieces are photographed the images are used to create custom books as well. The books are printed and bound, with the assistance of Alexander's, then shipped to their perspective families to enjoy.

How do you do it?

From their site Artkive will send you a box with instructions on how to fill it up and mail it back to them with all your kids art. Easy as that. Artkive does most of the heavy lifting.

Of course Alexander's happily helps Artkive with the print and binding portion of their books.

Customized Print for a Customized Book

Artkive's books require unique customization capabilities when being printed. That's where we come in. Because here at Alexander's we are proud of our ability to work with our clients to cater to their exact needs. Something not all printing companies will do. We collaborate with Artkive to match their specifications. Artkive renders and sends their deliverables through Alexander's API. Following that we pull the data, and begin the printing process. When a batch is pulled, Artkive recieves confirmation updates for the books as they are crafted and shipped. Ultimately creating and delivering beautifully unique hardcover books families will love and cherish forever.

Alexander's has proudly been collaborating with Artkive for three years.



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