Monthly Archives: November 2013

11 Reasons your business should blog

If your company isn’t blogging, then it’s time to start. You’ve probably heard this before, and there are countless articles online about producing content for your business, but we’d like to share 11 tried and tested reasons you and your business should use a company blog. 1. Your blog works as an integral part of…
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The real benefits of social media marketing [Infographic]

Today we're sharing an infographic from Wishpond, outlining statistics gathered from 3,000 marketers using social media. Social media can be a daunting marketing approach, especially for marketers who have been in the field for a long time. However, there are effective ways to break through the clutter and mounds of messaging, utilizing social media to…
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It’s time to redesign your business card

Too many people think business cards are a thing of the past, but we see some really innovative and clever business card designs come through our doors. A memorable business card can help you lure clients, or create lasting business connections. You might remember that a while back we wrote about the value of a…
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