10 of The Most Creative and Unique Wedding Invitations

Your wedding invitation sets the tone for your wedding, and since your invite is the first impression you send regarding the big day, why not make it stand out? You remember those unique invites you’ve received in the mail? You might have even held onto a few, just because they were so impactful. If you plan on printing and sending wedding invitations, why not make them extra impressive? This list of creative wedding invitations will get your creative juices flowing and make you want to create a masterpiece that will wow your guests.

1. Circular Invitations

Everyone’s used to the standard 5x7 square postcard invite, but most people don’t think to send out a die-cut round announcement. Switching up the shape of your invitation makes room for creativity without pulling you from the design you had in mind.

White Ink Wedding Invites2. White Ink Invitations

The printing industry has really perfected the power of white ink lately, and we think items like invites and announcements are the perfect way to highlight the artistic offerings of white ink. You may see white text on printed items all the time, but it’s likely that you’re actually seeing the colorful design printed on white, leaving the text as the unprinted area. With digital printing technology you can have affordable, true white ink designs that offer a vivid look, and allow you to print on unique substrates.

Think about printing on recycled cardboard, or colorful textured paper where the white ink can stand off in a stunning and highlighted manner. Ask your designer or printer about white ink printing capabilities.

3.Creative Fold Invitations

Maybe you don’t want to be too extravagant or unique with your invites, but folding your invite in an uncommon way can add the perfect creative touch to your classic invite. Talk to your printer or designer about different fold options. Be sure to consider cost of mailing uniquely sized invites—depending on how you fold the piece, your creative fold can be cost saving or cost increasing.

Fabric wedding invite4. Fabric Invitations

Whether it’s a vintage handkerchief, a nice tea towel, or even a plain white napkin, you could print your wedding invite on fabric. None of your guests will expect an invite printed on a permanent substrate like fabric, but if you design it right, you’ll create a keepsake souvenir for everyone who wants to remember your big day.

5. Pop-Up Invitations

With a little help from a designer and a printer, your announcement or event invite can be as engaging as a good story book. A pop up wedding invitation is about as fun as your printed invite can get. Whether you want to highlight the text by making it stand out in 3D, or you have a custom illustration that you want projected off the page, this invite is sure to wow your guests.

6. Balloon Save the Date Cards

Did you know you can print on balloons? We love this clever way of telling your guests to mark their calendar. When they receive their balloon, they’ll have to blow it up to read what’s printed on it. Once that balloon is floating around the house, it’s a reminder your guests aren’t likely to forget. So why not inflate that save the date?

Wood wedding invite7. Wooden Invitations

Wood wedding invitations have been a hot item lately, and we know why. Your guests will pull this piece out of the envelope and gawk, because who knew you could produce wood paper that thin? We love the design possibilities that come with printing on wood, especially when you combine white ink capabilities with this fun substrate.

8. Coat of Arms Invitations

Traditionally, a coat of arms served as a unique label to identify a person, and since marriage is all about creating or merging into a new family, what better way to represent and identify your family than a custom coat of arms? You can use your coat of arms as a central design element on all your printed announcements and reception pieces.

Blanka Illustration9. Illustrated Invitations

Have you ever thought about having an illustrator create a custom drawing of you and your spouse? Not only can you hang the art up in your home, the illustration can also double as a design for your invites. You can find an illustrator like Blanka online through sites like Etsy.

10. Save the Date Video

Have you ever thought about saving money on an extra mailer and making a save the date video instead? We love the idea of adding a little videography to your announcement. Here's a great example of a fun save the date video from SimpleFlare Productions:

However you decide to announce your upcoming nuptials, we wish you the best. Let us know if Alexander's can help you with any part of your big day, whether it's printing your announcements, helping with event signage, or even digital event offerings. We'd love to help.

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