6 Fun Magnetic Printing Projects

We’ve been cranking out a lot of fun magnetic print projects and thought we’d share a few possibilities with you.

Here are 6 fun magnet printing projects that might give you some ideas for your next gift, invite, event, celebration or piece of marketing collateral.

1. Magnetic save-the-date or holiday cards

If you’re like most people, you stick those wedding invitations on the fridge to help you remember to send a gift or make plans to attend the wedding. But each time you open and close the refrigerator door increases the likelihood that the invite will slip or fall off completely.

With magnetic invitations and cards, you can stick those save-the-dates or invitations on any magnetic surface. Plus you save your friends the hassle and expense of magnets.

2. Magnetic Instagram and family photos

We love to see family photos displayed around the house, but, like us, you probably don’t have enough space to frame all your favorite moments.

Why not print a collection of your favorite Instagram or family photos on magnetic paper? They make perfect magnets for a fridge, an office desk or filing cabinet, and even a dishwasher.

Using today’s print technology, we can UV coat magnetic sheets, making each magnet water-resistant and very durable.

Fridge-magnets3. Household magnets

We’ve had customers submit requests for magnets that indicate whether the dishes in the dishwasher are clean or dirty, and for whiteboard magnets displaying days of the week, and even magnetic calendars for scheduling.

We’re always intrigued by these projects since people find such a wide variety of uses for magnets around the house.

4. Magnetic business cards

When our clients express concern that people aren’t holding onto their business cards, we often suggest printing some business cards on magnets.

Magnetic business cards allow people to stick your contact information to their office fridge, metal desk drawers, or wherever they’ve got a magnetic surface to keep your information in sight.

5. Car magnets

Car magnets are a great way to advertise your business or cause. They’re less expensive than vehicle wraps and are a piece of cake to apply and remove.

Some clients provide side-door car magnets to delivery employees so they can place them on their car during business hours and remove them when their day’s work is done.

6. Magnetic holiday décor, greetings and signs

Do you have a metal garage door, office door, home front, back or side door? Chances are there are many surfaces on your wheels (car, bike, truck, etc.) that could hold magnets.

How about a custom holiday message or design to display to the world?

We’ve done greetings for every holiday and special occasions like neighborhood events, birthdays and anniversaries, welcome homes, invitations to Sadie Hawkins dances, and even an invitation to get married.

When it comes to printing colorful designs and messages on magnets, the sky’s the limit. As long as you’ve got a metallic surface, a magnetic message, sign or banner can fit the bill.

If you’re interested in printing on magnets, please contact us. We’d love to help bring your ideas and designs to life.

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