Alexander’s introduces its new HP Indigo 5600 digital press

Last week, we upgraded one of our HP Indigo digital printers, adding a newer machine with more capabilities. Our new HP Indigo 5600 digital press delivers the same digital offset and photo quality as our other Indigo printers, but with faster printing speed and greater versatility in substrate printing.

So what can the HP Indigo 5600 do?

Wide Media Range

This press can print on all kinds of substrates including coated and uncoated papers, synthetics, dark, transparent, metallic and recycled media, and even paperboard for folding cartons. We can print on PVC, PET, Teslin and PC.

This machine’s new sensor technology enables us to print on dark and transparent substrates, something most presses can't do. Imagine how great your next invite would look if you print white ink on dark paper or metallic lettering on transparent substrates.

With this new machine, our clients and designers can be much more creative than before.

Rivals Offset Printing

With digital printing, many people think that they lose a certain amount of quality that you can find with offset printing. The HP Indigo Digital 5600 is fully interchangeable with offset. By using the ElectroInk, this press can print high quality, wide and accurate colors, and extremely sharp images.

Security Printing

The HP Indigo ElectroInk UV Red creates a print that is only readable under black light. This security feature adds value to businesses that need high-security plastic cards, or special counterfeiting features imbedded into their printed items.

Efficiency and Affordability

Like our other HP Indigo press, this new machine offers high speed printing at a low cost. If you need a rush job printed, we can run a proof in minutes, making the turn time on your project much faster. With a low set-up cost, printing on the Indigo proves affordable, especially for short run items.

Contact us today for help on any print project you might have. Whether it’s Christmas cards, calendars, operations manuals or business cards, we’d love to help.

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