Dscoop 9 Wrap-up

The Alexander’s management team recently attended the Dscoop 9 convention in Orlando. Dscoop is an association started by HP to help its customers become more knowledgeable about business and operations. During the three-day event, our team had the opportunity to learn about finance, productivity, marketing and learn from other business owners.

One of the most outstanding presentations at the event was from Jason Jennings, author and researcher, who spoke on the Five Shared Growth Secrets of the World’s Best Performing Companies and Leaders. Jennings has researched thousands of companies to determine the reasons why companies succeed. He outlined five secrets of corporate success: 1) the importance of having a strong purpose in your business, 2) making growth a guiding principle, 3) being willing to let go, 4) making small bets, and 5) leaders must be good stewards.

Each year we make Dscoop part of our commitment to personal and corporate growth. We look forward to implementing some of the new ideas and concepts gleaned from this year’s event.

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