The new rules of customer engagement [infographic]

Today we're sharing an infographic from SAP and Column Five that focuses on the way that customers engage with brands and companies. Nowadays, the customer-centric business model won't suffice-- Brands and businesses must focus on customer engagement.

A brand may still be able to exert influence over what people say about them, but businesses and brands can't actually own the conversation-- That privilege lies with the customer now. So how do brands get their customers to promote their business and carry the conversation about their brand to new and positive heights? This infographic offers some great tips. We've outlined a few of our favorites below.

  • Delight your audience by creating experiences
  • Enable your marketing team to embrace the dialogue dynamic
  • Understand your customers' unique challenges
  • Know more about your customers than they know about you

It's time to interact with and enable your customers to be the voice of your brand. It's time to not only put the customer first, but to create relevant and engaging information for them to digest and share with others.

The New Rules of Customer Engagement [infographic]

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