Packaging your training materials like a PRO


Think back to the last big meeting, conference or seminar you attended. What do you remember? What did you take away from it? Do you have something that reminds you of the training or material covered?

For us, the most memorable meetings have a clear, consistent, powerful message, and an impressive, useful deliverable that reinforces it. We are past the complimentary pen, key chain or agenda sheet, they just don’t affect us as much as a thought out and meaningful message and deliverable. It’s essential to determine what your audience needs and what will influence them most.

We’d like to talk now about how to make your deliverables as impressive and breathtaking as possible, using a recent project we helped on with our client Franklin Covey. We worked together for 5 months, customizing and refining their content sizes, shapes and materials to fit their training model, as well as their budget. We’ve compiled what we learned from this project (and what we’ve learned with 35 years of printing) to what makes a memorable deliverable.

Consistent with the message and training

It’s essential to make your collateral match up with your message and your branding. If you break your information into chunks, separate your collateral the same way. Use your logo and colors consistently across all items (including your presentation itself).  Franklin Covey did a great job on this piece, using their logo across all pieces and separating each message into its own unique piece of collateral.

packaging training materials

Clean and snug

Having a stack of loose papers to give out after your presentation probably won’t reinforce your message about organization. Having a deliverable with clean edges, that’s self-contained and won’t slip out of the hand, will go a long way. The box we made with Franklin Covey has smooth edges and fits every piece perfectly inside of it.

packaging your teaching materials like a pro


Using a substrate that’s above the feel of a standard paper will wow your attendees right from the start. The box we made (and the materials) each have a professional, quality feel to them that sets them apart from other materials.



Using cool, unique pieces in your training materials is essential to a successful meeting or seminar. Think outside the box (pun intended) with unique swag items, or think about the box, making it a piece of art in itself. This box was designed to be folded into shape and support the weight of all of their collateral without any adhesive, cutting costs and set up time, putting their whole project under budget.

At Alexander’s, we can help you with your marketing messaging, your teaching materials and your deliverables. Contact us and let’s begin your project to turn your already great product into something even better.

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