Selling Everyday Products with Creative Print Packaging

We claim to not judge books by their covers, but lets face it, we totally do. Given the choice, we will usually pick things that are visually enticing, be they other people, houses, cars, or something as simple as our everyday snacks.

Cashing in on Creative Print Packaging

Some companies have learned to capitalize on our nature by designing creative print packaging that puts an attractive spin on every day products. In most cases, the product itself isn't new or improved, but that rarely matters because we've proven that we'll buy practically anything as long as it looks nice.

A Word of Caution

There once was a man selling protein packed energy bars. He met with an advertising expert to create an ad campaign for his protein bars. During their meeting the ad expert asked for a sample. He unwrapped the well designed package, took a bite and then emphatically stated, "I could get anybody to buy your protein bar...but I couldn't get them to buy it a second time."

Moral of the story: your product can't be all looks. It needs to be consumable to be consumed by consumers. Creative print packaging can help sell your product once, but if the contents is underwhelming then you won't have many return customers.

Draw customers in with creative print packaging, but leave a great taste in their mouth.

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