USPS Providing Discounts for Tactile Mail!


Between March 1 and August 31, 2016 the United States Postal Service is giving a 2% discount on all standard mail letters and flats with tactile sensory elements. Tactile matter includes specialty ink, such as varnishes, specialty papers, and interactive mail pieces, including 3D, pop-ups, and infinity folds. Learn more about the exact specifications here.

Why Use Direct Mail?

People theorize all the time that print is dead and that the majority of advertising is now done online. But print campaigns are actually more effective than online campaigns. Can you count the number of online or digital ads you see every day? We’re bombarded with on-screen images and text, but how many of those ads actually caught your eye and motivated you to click a link or buy a product? Studies show that Internet ad recipients typically only click on ads if there is some existing relationship with the product or brand, or if there’s pre-existing brand recognition. Having some other way of reaching your targets besides digital ads will increase the effectiveness of your online ads. A direct mail piece can accomplish this, particularly if you personalize your direct mail campaign.

Why Use Tactile Mail?

At Alexander's, we've found that the most effective mail pieces are also the most substantial. Lots of clients use triple thick papers, creative folding, white ink, or something that makes the item look and feel heavier, more valuable, and permanent. Substantial mailers make a stronger statement and are less likely to be thrown out.

The United States Postal Service puts it like this, "Interactive mailpiece features (such as pop-ups, infinite folds, or other dimensional treatments) can also help drive customer engagement.  Neuroscience and neuromarketing research supports the potentially significant impact on brand recognition and message recall when marketing materials engage tactile experiences and/or senses."

The average person skims over their mail, only opening items that stand out. Using tactile effects will make marketers stand out. With Alexander's new MGI JETvarnish and iFOIL press makes printing beautiful, effective direct mail pieces easier than ever. This new digital technology means that you can spot varnish and foil variable information. Imagine the look on your client's face when they open their mailbox and find a direct mail piece that has their name written in gold foil.

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