Coatings and Finishes

UV Coating

UV coating (ultraviolet) is a liquid coating applied to a printed surface and cured. During the curing process, the liquid hardens to help protect the printed stock from rubbing and scratching.

UV coating can be applied in specified locations across the cover, otherwise called 'spot UV'. It can also be applied across the entire sheet, which is known as 'flood UV'.

UV coating can be applied only to coated stocks, not to uncoated stocks.



Matte is a subdued and subtle finish, it doesn't add to or take away from the cover artwork. It protects the cover and absorbs light.


Gloss can make colors pop but tends to show fingerprints due to the shininess of the finish. It has a higher glare as it reflects light. Gloss looks great for photos but not for dark or solid colors.


Velvet is also a dull finish, like the matte, but it fees like a rose petal. It is very soft which gives a unique feel and finish to your book.

Lamination thickness can be either 5 mil or 10 mil. Plastics cannot be laminated.

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