Paper Fold Types

Half Fold

Half Fold

1 fold, upright.

The half fold is also called a single fold or a cross fold. It is the simplest type of fold: simply folded once in half resulting in 4 pages (two outside and two inside).

Z or Accordian Fold


2 or more folds.

This fold is also called the concertina fold.

Letter Fold or Tri-fold


2 parallel folds.

This is the most common fold type for letter-sized brochures.

Right Angle (Broadside) Fold

Right Angle (Broadside)

2 folds - half fold vertical and horizontal.

Double Parallel Fold

Double Parallel

2 parallel folds.

Roll/Barrel Fold


3 parallel folds.

Gate Fold


3 parallel folds.

The gate fold is named as such due to the inside 'gates' that fold outward.

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