Preflight Checklist


Preflighting refers to the process of checking and verifying all aspects of a print job are correct before releasing files to the printer. The following list doesn't necessarily check for everything for every type of job/application, but is a good guide for the majority of jobs.

  • Is there 1/8" bleed on the outside edges of bleed areas? If sending a PDF, does the exported file include the bleed?
  • Are all the font files stuffed/zipped and sent with the original files? If submitting a PDF, are all the fonts embedded?
  • Are all images high-resolution?
  • If sending original files, are all the images being submitted?
  • Are the pages all sent as single sheets and arranged in order?
  • Has all text been checked to ensure no text is cut off?
  • Are my documents the size I am expecting the finished product to be, accounting for bleed?
  • If my file will be enlarged or decreased in size, are they proportionate to the size that the finished product needs to be?
  • Is the number of colors used correct? Spot colors? CMYK?
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