Have you ever received a personalized card, flyer or gift with your name and a unique message printed across the front? There’s just something about that personal touch that makes a lasting impression.

Today’s digital print technology allows Alexander’s and other printers to customize and personalize print projects using variable data printing, or VDP. But variable data doesn’t just make a perfect gift or greeting card; it allows us to personalize marketing campaigns and turn generic marketing collateral into targeted pieces with individualized, relevant messages.

Some customers looking for variable data printing solutions don’t realize the wide variety of options VDP provides. Using our HP Indigo presses, we can use your database or spreadsheet of information (i.e., contact name, company, title, address, individual message, etc.) and segment your audience into sub groups with similar interests or buying habits, printing different materials for each group. The great part about all of this is that by using our digital printers we can deliver top-quality printed materials with fast turn times, regardless of the complexity of printing variable data.

Variable data printing prevents you from wasting your print budget on thousands of generic pieces people may not take a second look at. Just ask yourself, how much more likely are you to read or claim an offer from a personalized printed piece?

Today, marketers need to find methods of breaking through the clutter. Print can do that for you in ways digital content can’t, and variable data print ensures you aren’t wasting your print or marketing budget on marketing materials that only part of your audience will notice.

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